Dear customers, we are right now working on a new version of Store Evaluator (version 3.1), during this time we do not enroll any new customers inside the version 2.5, we do welcome you to get 3.1 version as soon as it is launched (after 1 September 2018).
If you wish to be added to the waiting list and then get notified when 3.1 is launched then please email and add Waitinglist Store Evaluator as the Subject line of the E-mail.

The most efficient Mystery Shopping Software you ever use.

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Shopper Profiling

Store Evaluator takes care of invitation emails, reminders, reporting and payments.

Customer reporting

With Store Evaluator you can easily and quickly make Customer Reporting using PDF and Word reports.

It is FREE with Phone Support

Store Evaluator is FREE (sort of). You will need an account with Examinare Survey Tool, but the Store Evaluator service is free and you can use it for any purpose you want. You will even get Phone Support from us!

Store Evaluator makes it easy for your company to start with Mystery Shopping.


Shopper Profiling makes it easy for you.

Shopper Profiling makes sure you get only qualified Shoppers to join your Mystery Shopping Software.
– Customizable shopper registration forms.
– You choose to approve the individual Shopper automatically or manually.
– Shopper can be deactivated at any time.
– Content uploads the information directly to your Dropbox account.
– Choose the way the Shopper will get reimbursements.

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Customer reporting.

Store Evaluator makes it easy for you to get information over to your customers. You can create reports with your logo and send them to your customers automatically or through your own email. Also you have the ability to sync reporting to Dropbox and share it that way.
– Automatically send customer reports to you or to your Customer.
– Word and PDF exports right out of the box.
– Automated reports to Dropbox.

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It is free with included Phone Support.

This service is totally free but needs Examinare Survey Tool to work. Fear not because Examinare are here to help you. You will get 1 week absolutely for free and after that week you will know if our program is for you. Contact Examinare to get help to start using this service.

The 1 week trial comes with no obligations whatsoever.

Contact Examinare to get started, the first week is totally free.

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